Welcome to The Emerald Company Loose Stone Inventory!

We are now offering our clients, here in the online store, a large selection of loose emeralds and sapphires.  

Whether you are a jeweler looking for a fine emerald for a special order or individuals shopping for particular stones for a custom made piece of jewelry, we offer some beautiful examples from Colombia and Ethiopia in the 1ct to 5ct range.  All are certified by AGL to be no-oil to minor in terms of clarity enhancement and are of excellent color and saturation. We also have a large selection of comparable quality Colombian stones of less than 1ct: rounds, pears, emerald cuts, hearts and marquises.

Also available to choose from is our extensive inventory of calibrated Colombian round cut emeralds in color selected parcels.  You will also find mixed parcels of fine quality small stones in a variety of cuts that are ideal for pavé settings.

From Zambia we offer a large parcel of finely cut 3mm rounds that are perfect for production jewelry.

And for variety, we have a brilliant selection of Sri Lankan sapphires in calibrated and color selected parcels.  You will find heat-treated rounds, ovals and pears; also lovely pastel fancy rounds in pink, yellow, green and blue.

Just click on the link for the particular inventory you wish to search.  

There being so many stones and parcels to choose from, individual photos are not available.  Contact us by email or phone once you have narrowed your selection down, and custom photos of your choices will be sent to you.

Please note that all photos will be taken with an Apple iPhone XS.  Hue and saturation will match as closely as possible that of the actual stone(s) on the screen of that phone and other new Apple devices but may vary from that standard depending on the device on which you view the image.

Be sure to ask about discounts for larger orders!