In this inventory we offer a limited selection of Colombian and Ethiopian emeralds of exceptional color and saturation in the 1ct to 5ct range. All are certified No-Oil to Minor by AGL.  Also included is a large selection of similar quality stones under 1ct, some verbally certified as minor by Rodrigo Giraldo, a highly respected GIA gemologist from Bogota. Others are non-certified, individual stones and sets of the same fine hue and saturation in a variety of cuts: emerald, baguette, pear, oval, round and marquise.

No-Oil and Minor Fine Emeralds, 1 - 5 Carats, Certified

Colombian - Minor - Emerald Cut

2.47 Carats. We bought this as a stunning Colombian rough emerald to have our master emerald cutter finish it so perfectly.  This stone pops with color and its brilliance captivates you. 

Ethiopian - No Oil - Round Cut

3.90 Carats. This stunning Ethiopian emerald from the Shakiso mine was cut for us in Bangkok, Thailand.  Its perfection is shocking.

Ethiopian - No Oil - Cushion Cut

4.13 Carat literally transparant to the naked eye. This Shakiso Ethiopian Cushion cut emerald has deep hues of blue-green and is a must have for a center piece emerald.  Vivid green, certified no oil and sparkles with the best of the Emeralds from Colombia and Zambia. 

Colombian - Minor - Baroque Cut

3.01 Carats. This Baroque Colombian emerald was just released from one of our Muzo region mines and our master cutter recommend that we cut the rough as a Baroque to bring out its absolute best color and "Jardin". It is measuring 4.639.03 x 8.95 x 6.65 and rated Minor.  This design piece is perfectly priced e at $360.00 per carat.

Ethiopian - Minor - Pear Cut Set

10.19 Carats Total weight.  This perfectly graduated set of pear cut emeralds from the Shakiso mine in Ethiopia is of fine hue and clarity and available at an excellent price point.

Ethiopian - No Oil - Emerald Cut

4.67 Carats.  This classic emerald cut from the Shakiso mine in Ethiopia displays all the qualities one expects in a fine emerald: hue, saturation, clariity and precision cutting. 

Shakiso 2.73ct - No Oil - Pear Cut

2.73ct.  This finely cut pear shape emerald from Ethiopia's Shakiso mine has no clarity enhancement.  Precisely cut and with a pleasing jardin, it will make a lovely centerpiece for a pendant or ring.

Shakiso 2.62 - No Oil - Emerald Cut

2.62ct.  A perfectly proportioned emerald cut with good hue, saturation and clarity, this little gem is ideal for setting in a solitaire engagement ring.

Shakiso 1.26 ct - No Oil - Emerald Cut

1.26ct.  This little beauty from Ethopia's Shakiso mine has fine hue and saturation.  Its large table makes it look bigger than its weight implies.  A great value for top quality no oil emerald.

Fine Emeralds less than 1 Carat

Oval Cut Sets and Marquises

This parcel offers a selection of fine quality oval cut sets and a single marquise, perfect for ring settings.

Fine Quality Pear Cut Sets and Singles

Included in this inventory are pear cut sets in a variety of sizes along with a few good quality singles.  All are of fine hue and saturation, perfect for small, affordable earring pairs and pendant sets.

Fine Quality Round Sets

This limited selection of small round sets of fine color and clarity will work well in custom bands mixed with sapphires or diamonds.  Also included is a large selection of 3.2 - 3.8mm pairs and sets of 3.

Fine Quality Emerald, Square and Bagette Cut Singles

Our selection of small emerald, square and bagette cut singles features stones from .18 to .51ct suitable for all manner of combinations with diamonds or colored stones in fashionable small bands.

Minor Emerald, Heart and Pear Cuts

We offer this lot of top quality, small emerald, heart and pear cut stones that have been verbally certified Minor by the highly respected Bogota gemologist Rodrigo Giraldo.