This is a unique selection of small, top color emeralds in a variety of cuts, ideal for use in pavé settings. Parcels of squares, pears, ovals, rounds and rectangles (emerald cuts & baguettes) in mixed sizes offer cutting edge designers the opportunity to create the sort of fantastic pieces composed of random forms one so often sees these days in award winning jewelry.

Selected Mixed Parcels of Speciality Cut Stones for Custom Design

Colombian - Pear Cut

This parcel of miniature pear cuts are of fine hue and clarity and suitable for the expression of a designer's pavé fantasies.  

Colombian - Square Cut

This special selection of varied square cut miniatures offers a host of options for the cutting edge designer in the creation of that unique pavé piece of your dreams.

Colombian - Rectangle Cut

Here's a sweet little parcel of fine, petit emerald cuts and bagettes to feed the fantasies of the most discerning creator of pavé art pieces. 

Colombian - Oval Cut

And last but not least a few lovely oval cuts of excellent hue and clarity that will mix beautifully with the unique variety of parcels found in this inventory.