The Emerald Company, as an enterprise, was founded nearly two years ago by American and Canadian partners, each with a passion for emeralds.  As a vision it emerged slowly over a period of several years of immersion at the epicenter the emerald mining scene in Boyacá Province, Colombia and in the emerald trading center in Bogotá.  Philosophical questions such as “Who are we?” “Why are we here?” and “Where are we going?” were pertinent as we sought to formulate a means of expression for our mutual obsession with the magical, vivid green gems. How could we best parlay our knowledge and contacts in the field into some sort of creative, artistic expression that would allow us to share our love affair with emeralds with others?

The Emerald Company is the culmination of our search for expression.  Through the modern medium of online marketing we offer the global marketplace access to the finest emeralds from Colombia, as well as from other global sources such as Zambia and Ethiopia, in the form of the beautifully designed and finely crafted 18kt gold and emerald jewelry you will find as you peruse our online store.  Welcome to our world of Emeralds.