Welcome to The Emerald Company™

The Emerald Company is a supplier of fine Colombian Emeralds and other quality colored stones with involvement at each stage of the supply chain.

The founders recognized important movement in the global gemstone market towards colored gemstones over the past decade.  This trend was driven not only by a higher demand from Arab countries, India and China, but also by an increasing interest in US and European markets. At the same time, there has been a significant increase in demand for ethically mined colored gemstones.

The Emerald Company was started to take advantage of this global trend. Understanding the risks and weaknesses of colored gemstone supply chains has been essential to our decision making process along the way. To that end we are involved in developing initiatives, in conjunction with other responsible players in the Colombian emerald scene and elsewhere, to make sourcing and the local supply chains more sustainable and transparent.


We specialize in the design, manufacture and online marketing of fine 18K gold jewelry set with high quality emeralds (predominantly from Colombia but also from other major global sources such as Ethopia and Zambia) in combination with sapphires, and other globally sourced fine colored stones.  We also offer sourcing of speciality emeralds for private individuals and other jewelry houses upon request.

The business has a truly international presence with the founders hailing from Canada and the United States and offices located in Bogota and in Blacksburg, Virginia.  Our emerald purchasing office, situated in the heart of the Bogota emerald district, ensures the constant sourcing of fine quality, ethically mined emeralds to serve the international market at competitive prices. We place great importance on working to stringent buying guidelines to procure only the best stones that meet the quality standards and expectations of our clients.  In keeping with that commitment, more important emeralds are certified by the globally respected local laboratory, CDTEC, as well as by international entities such American Gemological Laboratories in New York and Gubelin Laboratories.

We look forward to serving your unique emerald and jewelry needs.