The Emerald Company™ - Two Colombian Myths about the origin of the Emerald.

Today we recreate bringing to mind those events that dominated the human spirit to explain all sorts of phenomena in the distant past, from the most elementary things to existence itself and its culmination with death. All this through myth and legend. This is the case, for example, of the gems and some precious stones that in the past had no explanation of their genesis, so that the peoples were welcomed to the fantasy to satisfy their concerns. Thus, there are beautiful legends about emeralds that are part of the universal mythology and, very especially, of the cultural approach of our aborigines, in particular of the muzos.

When the Hispanics burst into the Andean plateau, properly in what are now the departments of Cundinamarca and Boyacá they were dazzled by the riches of the native caciques, and were ecstatic with the emeralds that some of them displayed. Their ambition had no limits when they learned that in the region of the muzos ruled a beautiful cacica named Fura-Tena, whose throne was adorned with the most beautiful emeralds; that it had a hut whose floor and walls were emeralds; that in the region dominated by her there were very rich mines of this wonderful gem.

The Infidel Fura-Tena

The myth tells that the earth was covered with flowers and fruits of all kinds, but that it was empty and sad, since there were no human beings. The god Are, who governed the destinies of the Earth, noticed the gloom of it for not having human beings to cheer her up, and decided to create a species that would populate it. From the bank of a mighty river he took two long reeds and with the divine breath he converted them, one man, and another woman. He called them, respectively, Fura (male) and Tena (female). By giving them life they were entrusted to reproduce and populate the Earth. They would be happy and they would know neither pain nor death and yes they would say without limits. Of course this would have one condition: that they be mutually faithful. because anyone who betrayed the other with adultery would be overcome by all evils. After formulating this demand, Are disappeared into the cosmic confines, towards his celestial abode.

The life of Fura and Tena passed bucolic, happy. However one day a handsome young man according to him, a beautiful green stone that gave immortality to human beings. Useless was the search. However, something unusual was brewing on the sides of Destiny. The young man met with the beautiful cacica Tena, to whom he communicated the reason for his presence in those contours. After much insisting the handsome young man, the cacica agreed to help him in the investigation. So time went by, until the young man and Tena fell madly in love with each other. And that love was consummated.

But time did not pass unnecessarily. Tena began to feel remorse and it was then that she decided to return to her abandoned husband Fura. From the moment he saw his wife, he guessed everything that had happened: his wife had been unfaithful! The wrinkles and withering of Tena's face and her body left no doubt that she had violated the command of the god Are. His immediate reaction was to take his own life, which he did by opening his chest. His wife, desperate, took him in his arms and, according to the custom, placed him on his knees. Thus he had to remain for eight days, without at any moment leaving him unprotected. The aged Tena, full of remorse, cried tirelessly. And by Will's will, those tears were taking on beautiful emeralds. when being kissed by the

A son of the sun

Within the mythology and the aboriginal legend, there is another one of singular beauty: that of Goranchacha. Tradition has it that a powerful cacique had a very beautiful daughter, whose beauty traits were incomparable. Once the caciquilla went out to explore the neighboring forest and in a clearing, on a bed of wildflowers, lay down to rejoice watching the crossing of the clouds. Suddenly a ray of the sun illuminated her. Immediately she felt something strange, very disturbing, happening inside her. Timidly he revealed to his father what happened. He immediately understood that his daughter was pregnant by divine will. for the Sun that had fertilized her with its sparkles.

Knowing the divine origin of what was happening, he felt honored and filled with joy. And he divulged the event through all the confines of his extensive cacicazgo. The people knew then that very soon a son of the Sun God would be born in his land.

The happy moment of birth finally arrived. and to everyone's surprise. The beautiful and virgin caciquilla gave birth to a resplendent emerald, which impressed by its greenery. that rivaled the fields by the flashes that radiated. The abode of the great cacique became a place of pilgrimage and he came from all the neighboring regions to meet and pay tribute to the rodigious fruit of a divine birth. But the emerald became a precious boy, who would rule the destinies of his people. It was called Goranchacha.