Demi Eternity Rings


This bold, stunning ring features ten brilliant Colombian emeralds in prong settings, 4 prongs per stone.  Featuring the highest gold weight of the 4 rings and with larger stones than its counterparts, it is suited to a woman of substance and style.

Specifications2.4-2.5mm emeralds; average carat weight .87cts, average gold weight 3.27grs

Fine Colombian Emerald Jewelery


Emeralds are green precious gemstones that are mined in various geological settings. They are minerals in the beryl group of silicates. For more than 4,000 years, emeralds have been among the most valuable of all jewels on Earth. Colombia, located on the continent of South America, is the country that mines and produces the most emeralds for the global market. It is estimated that Colombia accounts for 70-90% of the world's emerald market.[1] While commercial grade emeralds are quite plentiful, fine and extra fine quality emeralds are extremely rare. Colombian emeralds over 50 carat can cost much more than diamonds of the same size.

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Camila & Mariana Dávalos

The Dávalos twins were born and raised in Medellin, Colombia and have risen to prominence as Colombia's top fashion models...

Clay Hands Foundation

The Emerald Company has joined forces with Clayhands an independent 501(c)3 non-profit formed three years ago legally operating in California and in Colombia.  Each Emerald and Emerald jewelry piece we sell we donate a portion of the proceeds to ClayHands. 

With ClayHands, Young men, boys and entire families can be involved in building their own homes; often without the burden or expense of mortgages. Skills learned can be the basis of further employment and careers. Earth, mud and straw in Colombia is free and labor is abundant. Clayhands teaches the building of adobe and pressed earth houses using traditional skills that give involvement and employment to the Andes mountain Emerald mining Community.

The Emerald Company™ Blog

Torus Rings & Colombian Emeralds: A Beautiful Fusion

The Emerald Company has been in collaboration since last year's Tucson Gem Show with master gem carver Glenn Lehrer, of Lehrer Designs, to create a limited edition collection of his famous hand carved Torus Rings set with fine Colombian Emeralds.  We provided a selection of special rounds and marquises in the .25ct to .65ct range from among our best stock to be paired with some of the latest masterpieces to come out of Glenn's studio.  The piece pictured below is indicative of the results:

The .36ct vivid green Muzo emerald set in platinum is nestled in a beautifully carved, oval aquamarine Torus Ring.  Glenn's intricate faceting radiates a brilliance that both accentuates and compliments this precious Colombian beauty.

Be sure to come by Booth #925 at the AGTA Gemfair to see other pieces from the collection featuring amethyst, garnet, blue topaz and other fine stones fashioned into Rings of a variety of forms and sizes, both pairs and individual stones, all with exceptional emerald settings.

February 03, 2019 by Blake B.

The Emerald Company Is Going to Tucson!

It’s that time of year again; the world will soon be descending upon Tucson for the annual extravaganza that is The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  And The Emerald Company will be present!
January 24, 2019 by Blake B.
MUZO: Fact and Fiction

MUZO: Fact and Fiction

No other single word or phrase is so inextricably linked with the mystique, history and current reality of Colombian emerald mining as the ubiquitous “Muzo”.   Given its evolution in the form of noun and adjective over centuries, and its sometimes-erroneous use in the promotion of Colombia’s world class emeralds, it seems a good idea to attempt to clarify what “Muzo” is, and what it isn’t.
November 25, 2018 by Blake B.

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